What Do I See In You ?

What do I see in you? Oh boy. Oh boy,
I see mountains and rivers a lifetime of joy,
I see the sun shining on the greyest day,
I see clouds of silver lining my way,

What do I see in you? Oceans of blue,
Colourful rainbows, morning dew,
Trees of glory displaying leaves of green,
I see goodness and beauty in all living things.

I hear creatures of darkness prowling the night,
But I’m safe in your arms as you hold me real tight,
I feel the whispers of the wind entwining my soul,
I feel you breathing, that makes me whole.
I hear the rain falling, and the sun on my face,
I feel the shadows of darkness as me you embrace,
I feel happiness and laughter tears and sorrow,
But without you my love there would be no tomorrow.

I feel thunder and lightning, whenever you’re near,
I feel whispers of love wind brings to my ear,
But of all of the things that nature may bring,
It’s your love I cherish above everything.

New Love True Love

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
Are the words you’d hear Will Shakespeare say.
But, my love, I’m not the bard.
This poetry thing is very hard.I’m going to try with all my might
To get the way I feel just right.
Feelings that go deep inside,
Feelings that I just can’t hideFrom the day you came in to my life,
These feelings have been running rife.
So what I say I swear is true.
I want to spend my life with you.I see your face, I see your smile,
I see your love, and all the while,
I think of what the future brings,
Of hope, of love, of many things.There is no doubt within my mind
That you really are the loving kind.
I’m grateful to the Lord above
That he gave someone like you for me to love.There will NEVER be anyone else for me,
And I’ll show for all the gods to see
My love for you in every way
And prove the truth in what I say.
In my eyes, my love, you are
The most beautiful, by far.
And my Princess, you will see
I will love you for eternity.
It’s taken a lifetime for me to find
Someone who can blow my mind
And fill my heart the way you do,
But best of all …. you love me too My Princess, My Angel, I LOVE YOU!


She had never been in love;
His was from above.

She didn’t like compassion;
His was more than you could imagine.

She was depressed;
He did nothing but bless.
She pushed away,
But He told her to pray.

It took a while,
But slowly she started to smile.

She looked in all the wrong places;
He was the final destination.

She was saved;
His love had engraved.

Revealing Love

The roaring of thunder
Sent forth within your hand
Creating your image
In the likeness of man
Your eyes radiant with fire
Your mouth is the sword
We will rejoice and proclaim
Our Savior and our Lord
With abundance of mercy and grace
Search my whole heart
I’ll continue seeking your face

I run upon your mountain
Where you always set me free
Your words laid upon my heart
A revealing love you have shown me

My Lord Told Me

My LORD told me that HIS love would not fail,
as HE showed me a hand that was pierced by a nail.

HE told me I’m safe, started lifting the veil,
then my eyes became clear, I saw what life entails.

I saw beauty without measure and felt love’s complete peace,
I willfully surrendered but felt no trace of defeat.

I listened to my heart and caught the rhythm of its beat
as HE says our hearts are one and that this is where love meets.

HE told me that I’m HIS and HE’d never let me go,
HE just thought that I should know.

If there ever comes a time in life that’s really low,
look back to where our hearts met so that love can begin to show.

I smiled as I heard a melody of joy dancing through the sky.
It was my LORD singing this song to me of words I can’t deny.

HE said HE fought the battle and won it for me, there’s no need in asking why
because HE’s true, loving, faithful, and kind–with HIM I will never die.

I cried at the sound of HIS words for me, my tears soaking my face
HE reached down and wiped the tears away and said, “No need for tears in this place.”
I said,”LORD, why would you do this for me? My life has been such a disgrace.”
HE said, “Say no more, for it is done and my FATHER has dismissed your case.”
“Have trust in ME, as I in you, your life begins today,
though you may stumble along the path, I’LL help you keep your way.”

“I’LL never let you fall again, never lead you astray.
For your sins have all been forgiven my love, and for them you will never pay.”

Every Scar Has A Story

Every scar has a story.
What will mine tell?
What will come of this
when I’m better, when I’m well?

I want my scar to tell
of how I’ve overcome,
of how I made it through,
of where I have come from.

I want my scar to whisper
about the pain I faced,
about this very hard time,
about the marathon I raced.
But mostly I want my scar
to speak of something greater
I want it to shout
about my living Creator.

Let my scar be evidence
that there is a loving Lord
who fought my scary battles
and on whose wings I soared.

Let my scar proclaim
that all things work for good,
that by myself I couldn’t
but with my God I could.
Let them take a look.
Let them peek and see.
My scar shows God is great.
It points to Him, not me